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Everything is here in our Employee Training System for you to host your first professional training day! Whether you choose to purchase the PHYSICAL Kit that ships to you and you have it forever and ever in your possession, or you want ONLINE ONLY ACCESS with a month to month subscription for as long as you need it, both versions give you my proven system and tools to create a repeatable process for training your cleaners and training managers consistently. We love the PHYSICAL KIT because we love having all of the materials – the videos on a USB, the workbooks, and manual -- to hold and use in-person with our employees. But we also love the VIRTUAL KIT (online access) which makes it so easy to share the training whenever you need to right from your laptop or phone! SPECIAL OFFER: Buy the PHYSICAL KIT now and we’ll gift you a free year of ONLINE ACCESS to the Employee Training System! It’s the best of both worlds: the PHYSICAL KIT to have forever and the ONLINE ACCESS (free for a year and then your option to purchase a month to month subscription) to see how easy it is to access the training your cleaners need. Think of Debbie Sardone Consulting when you need the best training tools in the residential cleaning industry!

  • 100% Money Back Guaranteed! - Don't love it? Don't think it was worth the price? Don't believe this training will SAVE you 10X what it cost in payroll, lost productivity, lost business? Just ask for a full refund within 30 days!

  • The PHYSICAL KIT ($1997 one-time purchase, no monthly subscription fee) We ship everything direct to your door so you own all of the video training on a thumb drive (USB stick) and receive the printed Owners and Training Managers workbooks, quiz booklets, Perfect Maintenance Cleaning Manuals in both English and Spanish, beautiful achievement certificates, and more! PLUS buy now and receive one year’s free access to the videos and all of the materials online, with our thanks!

  • The VIRTUAL KIT ($797 + $9.99 a month, cancel anytime) is all online allowing you to train employees anytime, anywhere. The online videos and the downloadable forms, workbooks, quizzes, and more put you in control of how and when to deliver training. Budget-friendly, all online, no paper if you don’t want it. Plus you get any and all annual updates or added forms, documents, and trainings uploaded for FREE and automatically to your online access when we make them!

  • The choice is yours! GET the “Both Of Best Worlds" and order the PHYSICAL KIT for $1997 with our SPECIAL OFFER of 1 year complimentary access to the Employee Training System online. Or save a few bucks, order the ONLINE ONLY VIRTUAL KIT and pay $9.99 a month for as long as you need it!

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Digital & Physical Training Tool Kit Includes:

All the tools, workbooks, quizzes, certificates you need to make training fast, easy, and effective!

  • Trainers Workbook

    This fill-in-blanks workbooks gives you the peace of mind that your Trainers are alert, paying attention, and taking in every word!

  • Facilitators Guide

    Training The Trainer just got easy! The Facilitators Guide takes you step by step through the training day, from Q&A time, breaks, and student engagement.

  • Downloadable Tools

    Chock full of tools you'll love: The 5-Day Pass-Fail System Sheets Housecleaning Checklist Room-by-room production times Trainee evaluation sheets, and more!

Train The Trainer Details

Here's what you'll get in the Train The Trainer videos

  • The Right Way To Train ALL Your Employees

  • Improving Productivity & Reducing Payroll

  • Defining Your Service Profiles

  • How To STOP Churning & Burning Customers Forever

  • Reducing Complaints & Getting 5-Star Reviews

  • Structuring Your Incentive Pay

  • The 13 Rules Of Speed Cleaning™

  • A Walk Through The Trainers Bible

  • The 5-Day Pass Or Fail Plan

  • Implementing Change Without Resistance

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Printable Workbooks, Documents & Forms

    • Train the Owner - Workbook & Forms

    • Train the Trainer - Workbook & Forms

    • Train the Trainer - Certificate

    • Train the Cleaner - Workbook & Quiz - ENGLISH & SPANISH

    • Train the Cleaner - Certificate

  • 2

    Speed Cleaning Train the Owner

    • Train The Owner - Day 1 Seg 1-2

    • Train The Owner - Day 1 Seg 3-5

    • Train The Owner - Day 1 Seg 6-8

  • 3

    Speed Cleaning Train the Trainer

    • Train The Trainer - 1 The Goal of Training

    • Train The Trainer - 2 Technique vs Results

    • Train The Trainer - 3 Rules vs Results

    • Train The Trainer - 4 Pass / Fail Training Sheet

    • Train The Trainer 5 - You Are Beautiful & You Matter

  • 4

    Speed Cleaning Train the Cleaner

    • Train the Cleaner - DVD - ENGLISH

    • Train the Cleaner - Book - ENGLISH

    • Train the Cleaner - DVD - SPANISH

    • Train the Cleaner - Book - SPANISH