Get The Physical Kit + Online Digital Access

Choose whether you want to order the Kit that ships to you or the kit + unlimited access online with our ALL ACCESS month -to-month subscription, or BOTH! You can access your online training immediately while you wait for the kit to ship to you! Everything's included to have your first professional cleaners's training day! This is your one-stop Training Universe with regular updates, new information, and support!

  • The month-to-month subscription to Unlimited Access Online Option allows you to train employees online anytime, anywhere. The downloadable forms, workbooks, quizzes, and more put you in control. Budget-friendly, all online, no paper.

  • The physical kit contains all the video training on a thumbdrive, the printed workbooks, quizzes, beautiful achievement certificates, Speed Cleaning Books in English and Spanish, and more! (one time purchase, does not come with online access, updates)

  • BOTH of best worlds is when you get the kit shipped to you, all the physical products in a custom training box, and month-to-month unlimited access to our entire Training Universe! And we are always adding more to the online training Trainer's Universe!

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Digital & Physical Training Tool Kit Includes:

All the tools, workbooks, quizzes, certificates you need to make training fast, easy, and effective!

  • Trainers Workbook

    This fill-in-blanks workbooks gives you the peace of mind that your Trainers are alert, paying attention, and taking in every word!

  • Facilitators Guide

    Training The Trainer just got easy! The Facilitators Guide takes you step by step through the training day, from Q&A time, breaks, and student engagement.

  • Downloadable Tools

    Chock full of tools you'll love: The 5-Day Pass-Fail System Sheets Housecleaning Checklist Room-by-room production times Trainee evaluation sheets, and more!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Speed Cleaning Train the Owner

    • Train The Owner - Day 1 Seg 1-2

    • Train The Owner - Day 1 Seg 3-5

    • Train The Owner - Day 1 Seg 6-8

  • 2

    Speed Cleaning Train the Trainer

    • Train The Trainer - 1 The Goal of Training

    • Train The Trainer - 2 Technique vs Results

    • Train The Trainer - 3 Rules vs Results

    • Train The Trainer - 4 Pass / Fail Training Sheet

    • Train The Trainer 5 - You Are Beautiful & You Matter

  • 3

    Speed Cleaning Train the Cleaner

    • Train the Cleaner - DVD - ENGLISH

    • Train the Cleaner - Book - ENGLISH

    • Train the Cleaner - DVD - SPANISH

    • Train the Cleaner - Book - SPANISH

  • 4

    Printable Workbooks, Documents & Forms

    • Train the Owner - Workbook & Forms

    • Train the Trainer - Workbook & Forms

    • Train the Trainer - Certificate

    • Train the Cleaner - Workbook & Quiz - ENGLISH & SPANISH

    • Train the Cleaner - Certificate